Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Sunbeam Snake At 7pm?

This snake was spotted at 7 pm under the bushes and it was terribly difficult to photograph in poor lighting and in the thick bushes.
Despite its name the Sunbeam Snake is nocturnal. Since it was my first sighting of this snake I had to be cautious as I wasn't sure if it was venomous. After observing the snake and the built of its head, I had a good guess that it wasn't a baby cobra but a non-venomous snake.
Initially, I thought another Pipe Snake since it had iridescence when the flash bounced off its body but it didn't have the markings of the Pipe Snake.
As I had a macro lens mounted, I concentrated getting shots that could help in identifying the snake. Head shotand body shot.


Anonymous said...

one of the most beautiful yet underrated local snake... great find!

at 7pm, why not? i suppose the early snake gets the worm too..

Shirls said...

I guess so