Thursday, April 30, 2009

Two Very Well Spent Hours

Made a booking and cleared my calendar for 29 April as I wanted a date with some oceanic sea birds. It was all nerves yesterday as storm clouds blew in from the West but the weather cleared and by 3 pm it was scorching hot.
That meant date with the birds was on. The boat ride was short and it brought back memories of the lazy, hazy weekend liveaboards to Tioman to dive. The ride was short no more than 10 minutes to get to the destination and appointment with the Black-naped Terns on Fairy Point.Ended up shooting quite a lot of photos of these graceful but noisy birds at their breeding colony. They also give a fantastic aerial show that beat any put on by man.
Courting coupleA nesting pairMasked angels spread wingsCame away with three CF cards filled within the two hours of snapping. It was the most exhilarating, fulfilling and enjoyable time for the week. Balance and having eyes on the back of your head pays to duck the dive bombers. as they dove in for their attacks. Watch for a series of posts on these birds in the coming week.

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