Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Gem Of A Find

It was time to tend to the plants to ensure that they are fed and protected from harmful bugs. While spraying the Plumeria plants, two tiny insects caught my eye as they tried to avoid the insecticide. Realizing that both were mantids and beneficial insects, I carefully removed them and washed them down.
One of them was a tiny Ant Mantis. I heard about this mantis from Shawn, who is a follower of my blog. Thank you for educating me on this tiny wonder and it shows we're never too old to learn. These photos are for you, Shawn.
This mantis mimics a red ant all the way down to the mandibles.


Shawn said...

Well Shirls. What can I say. Many Thanks for mentioning me in your post. This is the second time you are mentioning me, one was in your Twin-Barred Tree Snake post. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

Anyway, great shots. Although I've seen them a few times in Flickr, its never boring to view your photographs again. Be sure to view my latest Ant-Mantis photographs in Flickr!

Shirls said...

You're welcome. If you hadn't clued me in, I wouldn't have known what I was looking at in the first place.

Glad that you liked the shots. I did see your photographs on Flickr too.