Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Snake In My Garden!!

I was getting ready to head out to the hospital, when a shout of snake! brought me running. Thinking the snake was outside the house, my helper says there... The snake was among my heliconia plants. This was what was looking at me when we finally found it again after losing it when I turned my head to grab the camera.There after we chased the snake among my heliconia plants as it played hide-and-seek with us. Here it is sliding down the fence as it tried to evade me.Giving me the perfect stare but it would have been fantastic if it flicked its red tongue at me.Just couldn't get that one shot see...no tongue again. Sigh! It then disappeared among the plants never to be found again. This snake is a Common Bronzeback and I guess it is in my garden to hunt the Four-lined Tree Frogs that have colonized my garden. My garden is indeed becoming a jungle with wild critters.

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