Thursday, June 04, 2009

Not Your Normal Bugs

Last week has been a week of rather interesting chanced encounters with the weird and not so normal bugs of insectdom.
Ittybitty bug #1 was a tiny green something or other with a bushy tail. I'm calling it Conehead with a light sabre as it was swishing it around. Rather comical critter but darn hard for the camera to focus. Just managed one good shot. Bug #2 is just as interesting, a Derbid Bug. Spotted it in the house and it became the subject of a photo shoot. Bug #3 was a lucky find. It resembles a dried shrivelled up leaf stuck on other leaves. If it hadn't jumped, I wouldn't have noticed the Dead-leaf Grasshopper.See it has eyes and legs...even a hole just like a leaf. Who would have thought a dead leaf was a living breathing creature.Bug #4 was a baby stick insect. However, there are no photos of that encounter. Rescued it from becoming beetle juice, plucked it off the ground before a shoe landed on it.
Bug #5 was an Ant Mantis.

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