Friday, July 24, 2009

Almost Missed This Snake

Almost missed this small snake that was elegantly draped on an oil palm stem sunning itself. It took two glances and a peek through the view finder to confirm that my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. It looked like a strand of dried palm leaf.As I didn't have a macro lens with me I couldn't really capture the features of this small snake to determine species. The telephoto lens just couldn't pick out features with such a small snake. When I went closer to take a look the snake roused from its stupor and slithered away.


ShaoWei said...

the snake seems to be a Painted Bronzeback.

and it really does look like a dead palm leaf the way it's draped over it. yet you still managed to get a relatively nice shot of it even without the macro lens.

Shirls said...

can't tell as the snake was reed thin. it took two takes before i could confirm it was a snake.