Thursday, July 02, 2009

Can You Believe This Cat Has Renal Failure

This guy is my favorite big guy. Can you believe he suffers from feline renal failure and needs to have a transfusion of saline solution every day to flush out toxins from his body. In addition, he is now on a special diet that is low in protein but he still needs some fresh fish to keep him eating his kibble.
Ruben, has been the greatest cat, he has taken his latest set back like the great cat he is with dignity. He patiently allows the lab techs at the vet clinic to draw blood from him and to squeeze his bladder to his side before inserting a needle to draw urine from him. As such, everyone loves to cuddle him and fuss over him.
His recent visit still showed that his creatinine (crea) level was extremely high and now we've upped his saline transfusion to 250 ml daily.
These photos were taken on the evening after his latest assessment by the vet and after being infused with saline. He on his favorite high vantage point a top my car.

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