Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Flying Lemur

It was a hot muggy evening and I decided to take a drive to a different location of the nature reserve to do a little hunting with my camera. Not long into my walk I chanced upon this little fellow clinging on to a palm tree trunk, and trying to look invisible.Fortunately for him, I wasn't a poacher and it was safe. As for me, I was delighted as I haven't seen a Colugo in a while. I had to photograph it. See how its coloring blends in with the tree trunk.All this fella can do when it is spotted is look at you with its big doe eyes.And then it'll slowly move around the trunk to get away.No wonder they are easy targets for poachers with catapults.


Federick Ho said...

Hi Shirls
Very happy to chance upon your blog. Enjoy reading your posts and glad to know you too like to take photos of butterflies, dragonflies and other insects.
Do visit my blog at

Shirls said...

Hi Federick,

Thanks! I get into all kinds of things.

SD said...

Hi Shirley,

It's a 'her' colugo actually. ;)

Shirls said...

Hi Shun Deng, good an expert.
How do you tell male from female? Also why is there the orange variation which I've only seen once.

You have an interesting blog btw.