Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Other Resident Tern Of Singapore

I went in search of a group of Little Terns that have been fishing in the Kallang River. Looked up the location on Street Directory and planned my route. Went a little of course in finding parking so I had to walk some distance to locate the birds. Good thing is, it didn't take long to find the birds. They were all lined up on the PVC pipe across the river.There were nine birds at most time on the pipe set across the river and they seem to be in pairs or threesomes. From what I read these birds are in breeding plumage where the bill is yellow with a tinge of black. These birds were breath taking to watch especially when they plunge dive into the river to catch fish. To read more about the Little Terns. Here are some shots of the male Little Tern offering food to the female. This is a pair that is pretty much a set as they sat apart from the rest and were pretty coordinated. They were great to watch too. He kept bringing fish to her and she kept taking the offered fish.

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