Sunday, July 05, 2009

Gorgeous In Green

My walk today turned up only gorgeous green animals. First green creatures were Long Tailed Parakeets. These birds are usually high in the tree tops when they feed but this morning they were close. As luck would have it, I had on a macro lens but it didn't stop me from trying to take a photo of these birds. The parakeets are endemic to the region, they are so green that they blend in with their surrounding. The next gorgeous animal is a reptile, which is suppose to be rare due to the introduction of the Changeable Lizard into its habitat. However, I managed to spot two of these lizards during my walk. Lizard #2 was more accessible and had a lovely personality to boot. Skinny gave me an evil look as I disturbed its sunbathing activity.It then scrambled awkwardly up the branches to avoid me. Eventually, this was how I left the Green Crested Lizard - hanging loose - as it pretended to be part of the greenery.

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