Monday, July 06, 2009

Saving Another Snake

It is becoming a routine plucking innocent creatures off the road before they become minced meat. I was walking behind a jogger as we rounded the corner, I saw the guy stop and look down on the road. He then looks at me and said snake and jogged away. I thought oh no a road kill as I got near, I recognized the snake. It was a Red-tailed Pipe Snake, a rather rare and harmless snake.I immediately started to photograph the motionless snake only to realize that the snake and I were in the middle of a road. As I gather my things, the snake began to stir so it was gathered up along with my things and hauled to the side of the road. Upon realizing that the snake was fine, I took it to the ranger station and took more photos as it was released into the forest. Burrowed into the leaf litter, part of the snake is visible before it was gone.We lost it for a while before spotting its head above the leaf litter.


Ivan said...

Well done.

Snakes seem to be very common as roadkill. I wonder if people here in Singapore deliberately swerve to hit them, or whether they're just not obvious enough.

I blogged recently about a snake that wasn't so lucky:

I'm so jealous about your reptile encounters and wish I had more luck with them. =)

Shirls said...

Thanks Ivan.

Snakes are totatlly misunderstood, and there are people here who deliberately go all out to kill them. However, as our forests are fragmented, and there are busy highways that cut up these areas there's no way of avoiding roadkills.

Just yesterday evening, my helpler reported a dead snake just on the edge of the nature reserve. It was killed by one of the neighbors.