Sunday, July 26, 2009

Silent And Shy Mammal

Most people miss this shy nondescript mammal of the jungle floor as it quietly moves around going about its business.Managed to observe this Lesser Mousedeer as it allowed me to. We made a silent agreement as we quietly looked at each other. So long as I respected its space, it will let me observe. For me it was the greatest experience ever to sit there and watch.


ShaoWei said...

you're really lucky to see one.

the only chance i got to see them are in the zoo!haha!they look like shrunken deer which makes me wonder: is there a smaller world within ours?

Shirls said...

ha!ha! if only we destroy less of our own environment will we get to see some of these wild wonders.

you have to not make any noise before you can see them. people are too loud when they walk in the nature reserves and the typical complaint "nothing to see"