Monday, July 27, 2009

Sugar High!

Impromptu exploration of Chinatown Food Center in Chinatown ended up in take-aways, which led to a major sugar high. The good thing is, the desserts weren't overly sweet.
Found Hai Seng Ah Balling from the transit market, so the stall is no longer missing. This vendor still makes his own glutinous rice balls filled with red bean, green bean, yam, peanut or sesame seed paste. Here's the stall number: 02-059 in the Green Section. As the owner reminds me, he is closed on Mondays when I told him I finally found his stall. Took home two containers of ah balling filled with peanut and yam.The next dessert stall I dropped in on was 一一五塘水 (115 desserts)to buy a tube of black sesame cream and a tube of water chestnut and sweet corn dessert. I did a half and half for effect. Both desserts went well together too. I also added an ah balling into the black sesame paste as they were all complementary desserts. Where to locate this stall: 02-206, closed on Tuesday.To add to the sugar overload were durians. The residents' committee organized a durian night and had ordered basket loads of 猫山王 (Mao Shan Wang) from Johor.Since they were free I can't complain. However, my personal favorite is still the D24.

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