Thursday, July 30, 2009

Smooth Otters: Born Free & Wild

As most who read my blog will know I had a magical encounter with a pack of Smooth Otters. Not only did I see them go through their water routine, I got to see them out of water as well. These were my close encounters with the amazing otter family unit.I had to make do with what my lens could capture. Wish I could show you the entire pack.
The three that swam by... Coming into the shallows to catch fish.Equally, delightful on land. Sleek glossy fur is the best sign that these animals are healthy and that they are getting enough food. I hope they will remain safe and protected within the reserve and no one starts poaching them for their pelts. The end of my most magical encounter as the family walked away. As you can see the otter blends in with the mud and hence people may miss them.

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