Monday, August 10, 2009

Beauty Of The Blue-eared Kingfisher

I caught another fleeting glimpse of the extremely rare Blue-eared Kingfisher, this time a male and his coloration is even deeper blue than the female.Unfortunately, I have not seen the birds again as the area where the kingfishers frequent is also a favorite illegal fishing spot. It's been over a month now, still no sight of the pair just more men with fishing rods.
See the difference between the male and the female Blue-eared Kingfishers. The male has Elvis' side-burns.


Uncle Phil said...

I just came across your blog this afternoon and marvel at your photography. Thank you for sharing. I have bookmarked your site and hope to spend more time looking at your wonderful work later. Where others saw merely trees, scrub and earth, you did more than look. You could see.

Cheers, Phil

Shirls said...

Hi Phil, thanks. I can't agree with you more. Too many people walk in the reserves without realizing that it is a full ecosystem. Even less notice and respect the residents living in the ecosystem. Hence, I try to show what people don't see, in the hope that more will realize the need to practice conservation. :-)


Uncle Phil said...

I left the "concrete jungle" in search of work and live in the equatorial jungle of Papua New Guinea, 37 years ago. Today, I am so glad there is someone from my homeland sharing the same sentiment of appreciating and loving nature as me.

Shawn said...

A real beauty indeed... You really must have spent some time waiting to shoot these birds. I'm sure its not easy to find and shoot these birds.

P.S looking forward to viewing more posts. Well at leats I've started blogging once again... ;) said...

Good blog

Shirls said...

Hi Phil, the concrete jungle does still have wildlife n there are a handful of us who spend very little time in the man-made jungle. :-)

Hi Shawn, I'm not the most patient person. There are serious birders who can camp at a single site all day.
Work n my mother being warded in the hospital have kept me quiet this week. My camera only came out of the dry box today.