Sunday, August 09, 2009

Goodbye My Friend

Said goodbye to Ruben yesterday. He in his own way knew that his time was up and he spent the entire Friday night with me. Yesterday, he went into his box and quietly waited for the time he was to be driven to the vet.
There will never be another cat like Ruben but he will always live on in our hearts and memories. He will always bring smiles to us when we remember him.
This is he in April, right after he was diagnosed with feline renal failure. He spent a week in the animal hospital and was thankful to be home. He never liked the treatment nor the restricted diet of no fish. This was also his favorite sleeping position.His other favorite place was sitting on the roof of my car. It was also his way of telling me that I haven't spent enough time with him. He also loved his car rides and will sit happily on the passenger seat or stand with his paws on the window looking out.We will miss his 5 am wake up calls that will steadily get louder if we ignore him; his getting underfoot on Sundays in the kitchen while we prepared family lunch; his nagging us to feed him when he's hungry (Ruben loved his fish, especially fresh fried tuna); and his romps around the house when he is happy. Bye Bye my friend.


ShaoWei said...

you have my deepest condolences..

hope it doesn't dampen your love of keeping cats yeah. :)

Shirls said...

Thanks ShaoWei.

It hasn't. I still have one more cat n a dog. I'd like a long kang kucinta. Had one that was sleek n amazing but he disappeared much to my horror. I want a Tigger II and hope that I'll find one eventually.

ShaoWei said...

what dog do you have?!i've got a maltese.real mischievious and not toilet trained.are all your pets strays?!

long kang kucinta, is it the singapore cat?it's gonna be a tough one to find in singapore.especially one that's not mixed.

i've seen overseas breeders online who have the singapore cat and it can be bought.that'd be a real piece of singapore's history being brought back to it's home country!

how does a Tigger II look like?!one that looks like Tigger i guess?!oh!checked out the SPCA yet?!they've got a lot of different kinds of cats there!could try your luck there!!

Shanlung said...

I am so sorry to read of your farewell to one who spend so much time with you.

Warm regards


Shirls said...

Hi ShaoWei, yes all pets are strays. I have a very, very old almost blind Shih Tzu. She was thrown out like thrash when she was going blind n had skin problem.

I saw a couple of long kang kucinta (singapore cat) sometime back. I couldn't pick one up as I had three cats then.

Tigger was a dark grey cat with stripes that was the sleekest cat ever. He was long and lean, and loved to jump around the garden.

I'm not ready to adopt a new cat as yet.

Thanks Shanlung.

T L Hume said...

Am so sorry to hear of your cats passing. He was such a lovely soul. I also have 'dumped/abandoned' cats. One adopted us and has been here for 12+ years and originally was the 'garage' cat. Now we have been adopted by another ..... but he enjoys our deck!
I hope that you find another to take home.

Shirls said...

Hi TL, not at the moment as I am also mourning the passing of my mum. She died peacefully at the hospital after a long battle with Parkinson's. Pneumonia finally too her two weeks after Ruben. We all think the cat knew as he sat with her nightly when he knew his end was near. My mum was rushed to hospital the day after Ruben went to meet his maker.