Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dedicated To Those Who Hate Lizards ;-)

My cousin will spray a can of insecticide on a house gecko just because she afraid to be near one. Other friends will literally ran screaming out of their homes leaving the gecko going huh? what happened here? For those who go on nature walks there at the skinks, those shiny skinned lizards that you sometimes see sunning themselves on the boardwalk or on paved paths before the scamper off into the undergrowth. For those who listen to the rhythm of the forest you will here them scurrying around in the undergrowth like ghosts as they search for their insect meals.
I had the honor to meet this skink, which isn't the normal variety I usually see. It was a rather frisky little skink that was jumping around. Here you have the guy doing push-ups looking start at the camera and you go ain't he cute.Next he turns and gives the camera a coy come hither look.Before he leapt off into the tangled undergrowth with this person frantically trying to follow his every movement. What was he doing... Catching his rather MacSpidy breakfast.I actually didn't see the spider in his mouth till I got home and looked at my photos but MacSpidy and frisky skink had a royal rumble which ended up under dried leaves so I never go to see the skink swallow it Big Mac.
For who hate lizards, this is proof that they have a role in the ecosystem natural insect control. The bug spray should not replace the lizard nor should it be used to dispatch the lizard (end of soap box speech).


ShaoWei said...

haha!never thought you would write in such a manner!it's got a nice twist to it i might add! ;)

and it does look like it ain't the usual skinks seen at nature reserves.i've checked it up and think you've got a Striped Sun Skink!and to what i know it's considered rare in singapore!

i think you've got quite a picture there!a skink eating a Big Macspider!

Shirls said...

Thanks ShaoWei! That patch of land near home never ceases to surprise me.