Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Day Kermit Leapt Out At Me

Operation palm tree inspection was on my mind when a movement on the ground caught my eye. Stop!!! Green frog leapt into my head as my eyes looked at the frog that was a little awkward on the grass. I knew it was a species of tree frog but something I have not seen before.
People like me will take photo first and ask questions later. Took this shot first before swapping the 300 mm to my favorite macro lens.This rather large tree frog looked at me with an "I am lost look". After snapping a couple more photos, I decided to bag him to relocate him a correct environment for a tree frog.As I was still not convinced that it was a native species, I went in search of my walking animal dictionary to see if he knew what species the frog was. I found my walking encyclopedia at the hut with his plastic bag of coffee with milk having a smoke. One look at Kermit, he confirmed my suspicions that Kermit was alien to Singapore. He also said that it is legally sold here in the pet trade. Hmmm... someone tossed out a poor defenseless frog.
Kermit, now is my long kang frog that sits on a rock in a tall glass vase happily munch crickets that I bought for it. After my mum's funeral, I will decide if I should keep it or hand Kermit over to the Zoo. I'll consult the zoo keepers and if I do keep Kermit, I will need their help to build an environment that is suitable for a docile large Green Tree Frog.


ShaoWei said...

was wondering when you'd post the picture of the green tree frog you were talking about in your last post!haha!and he does look lost!is it even legally allowed to be sold in singapore?it does look like a skinny version of a White's Tree Frog.well hope you do get to keep it!cause i wanna see how your terrarium for him turns out to be like! :D

Shirls said...

Hi ShaoWei, I was told that the frog is the only one allowed to be sold in the pet trade by AVA. Kermit is no longer skinny after he had several meals of MacCricket. I need to be careful not to over feed him. Ha! ha! haven't had time to focus on Kermit. He sits on a rock at the moment.

ShaoWei said...

the only one!way cool!though i don't see them in any pet shops.what species is Kermit?!is he a white's?i've seen ornate toads for sale but not anymore.guess it's not allowable by ava i guess.

hmm..i'm guessing he's happy sitting on that rock and have meals fed to him everyday!take more nice photos of him!!he does look gorgeous in green!