Monday, August 24, 2009

Pleasantly Surprised

Sometime walking a different route pays off extremely well. This morning's decision to go out again after I came home to deposit a rescue Green Tree Frog. Half way through my walk I spotted a Drongo up on a branch doing what Drongos do best - look down at you and sometimes call sweetly. The bird was jet black and glossy, one of the hardest birds to photograph because of its black shiny feathers. I had to try my luck with the bird after I finished, I stood observing the bird hoping to see what it will do next before movement above distracted me.
At first glance, I thought more Drongos till the dark silhouettes were highlighted by the sunlight. I was looking at my first Chestnut-breasted Malkoha.It is such a pretty bird with its red eye patches. The Malkoha is a species of Cuckoo but unlike many other species of Cuckoos, they build their own nests and care for their own young.
The Malkohas are large birds of about 49 cm and they prey on insects, small frogs and lizards.When I spotted the pair, they were in a location that nobody has reported sighting these birds before. This was exciting as if the pair stayed I'd have more opportunities to observe these birds. When I spotted them, they were jumping from branch to branch catching insects for breakfast.


Uncle Phil said...

We are intrigued by your ability to flow with nature and allow the birds to do what they know best. Like an old Chinese saying goes.... a bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.


Joseph Lai said...

I find your photos unusually engaging. You capture 'the moment' - that few seconds in time - a little window - for me the viewer to experience the quietness of life forces ever unfolding around us every seconds of the day. I find your photos quite unlike a lot of portrayal photography I have seen. There is a depth of richness in them that invites me into a greater awareness of time. Truly well done.

Shirls said...

Thanks Phil, I've learnt to be at one with nature and respect its creatures. Thus, the creatures allow me into their lives as a silent observer as they know I mean them no harm.

Thanks Joseph. It means that I have achieved my objective with my photos.