Saturday, September 26, 2009

Here's A Lizard I Never Tire Of Seeing

Green Crested Lizards are one of my favorite lizards as they can be so stunning to catch a glimpse of. They can be harder to spot because of their perfect leaf green camouflage. They also face competition from the Changeable Lizard which is a non-native species introduced by man.
Lizards like all reptiles, need to sun themselves up if the their body temperature drops too much before they can start to function. It is also the best time to observe these lizards as they are in the open and are sluggish.This one was so obvious as it contrasted with the yellow leaf. It just so pretty lying on the leaf sunbathing with its slender toes spread open. Once it realized that it was being photographed, it disappeared among the green leaves and I lost sight of it.

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