Monday, September 28, 2009

A Sub-Adult Painted Bronzeback

Spotted a sub-adult Painted Bronzeback in the forest basking in the mid-morning sun on a tree. Being young this little snake had an innate sense of curiosity as it looked at me and sensing the air around it.The Painted Bronzeback is also known as the Common Bronzeback as it is the most widespread of the four species of Bronzebacks. They can be found through out Southeast Asia, often near urban human habitats in parks and secondary forest.As for this little one it decided to flee from me.


Commander said...

Wow... looks like you have a skill of spotting snakes!

Shirls said...

It isn't always the case. The hot weather just gives me more opportunties. Migratory birds are also coming in and there will be even more to distract me.