Sunday, September 06, 2009

Mucking Around A Stream

Destressed by hanging out with my friends as they worked to maintain a stream within the reserve. While they worked I mucked around looking for interesting life living in and around the stream.
While sand was being cleared manually, it also stirred up the ground revealing the creatures that live in the sand. The first creature that flopped out on the sand was a fresh water shrimp about 2 cm long.Hot on the heels of the shrimp were two tiny fresh water crabs.Did you know that there are spiders that live in the water. The disturbance had these spiders jumping around.Then I spent over an hour chasing this one damselfly up and down stream only to get one shot of this insect.The icing to a great morning mucking around was my encouter with a Twin-barred Tree Snake sunning itself on a chain-link fence.

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