Saturday, September 05, 2009


Spotted this butterfly sitting on the gravel while heading home. As usual, couldn't resist pulling out the camera to document the butterfly's activity.
The butterfly is a male Cruiser, the species is pretty common in the nature reserves. This male butterfly is puddling. Though butterflies get most of their nutrition from nectar. Nectar lacks some important nutrients that butterflies need for reproduction.
In order to extract minerals, butterflies puddles, to take in salts and minerals from soil or animal droppings. This behavior is mostly seen in male butterflies as they incorporate these extra minerals into their sperm.
When butterflies mate, the nutrients are transferred to the female through the sperm. These extra minerals will help to improve the viability of the female's eggs, increasing the pair's chances of passing on their genes to another generation.
For the male Cruiser I photographed, it was puddling on a dollop of monkey poo.

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