Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A New Location To Explore

Got invited to the opening of the new Dairy Farm Nature Park by NParks. It was a great excuse to go explore a new location as I am after all a creature of habit. Since my situation has changed I am able to explore.The opening was held at the old Cold Storage dairy farm shed, which has been converted into exhibition halls and meeting facilities named the Wallace Education Center.The park looks very inviting and there's a hodgepodge of things that should be of interest to anyone who loves to poke around. Such as an old ramshackle black and white bungalow up on the hill.This Evel Knievel Green Crested Lizard was spotted at the top of a palm tree, to evade me it leapt from palm tree to the asphalt and as I approached it scramble to the scrub area.There's also heaps of plants everywhere and pink flowers was the theme for the opening.With flowers everywhere, the butterflies were also present. Chased a Common Birdwing but it just won't stay still. Instead, spotted a Cruiser feeding on the Lantana blooms.Overall, there a little of everything for everyone.


Commander said...

Alamak! Should've looked out for you at such events. We were there in the same place, and probably crossed each other without knowing it!

That's a nice shot of the cow, with our resident moth expert, Dr Leong TM in the background. ;)

Shirls said...

We probably did. :)

The shot was tongue-in-cheek. Didn't notice who was in the background till later.