Thursday, September 03, 2009

This Snake Eludes Me Again

Sun is out and there is some heat being cast this morning. The walk was refreshing and my recurring back problem wasn't as bad as yesterday after seeing the Chinese chiropractor who twisted me like a pretzel to release the pinched nerve. He sent me home with the usual reminder not to drink cold water. Thus far I have been drinking warm water but it will only lasts till the old injury heals.
Nearing home, I usually look up a tall Teruntang tree for a large Clouded Monitor that always suns itself on the tree.
However, the monitor wasn't there this morning. In its place was a dark line running down the tree trunk much like a termite track that runs on tree trunks. As I know the area well, I knew I was looking at a snake. I had a sneaky suspicion that it was the elusive Paradise Tree Snake. Argh!!! wrong lens. I had the 180 mm macro and I needed my 500 mm for a closer shot. I called home to have my helper bring the lens to me.While waiting, I could only snap a couple of shots with the macro lens as the Paradise warmed itself while slowly slithering down. I felt so helpless watching my precious quarry disappear from sight.By the time my lens arrived the snake was on the ground somewhere. I would have gone in after it if the area was accessible. Hence, I'm back to trying to find another Paradise Tree Snake that is closer so that I can capture the beauty of this species.

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