Friday, September 04, 2009

One Very Angry Reptile

I almost stepped on a Blue Malayan Coral snake while plodding along my usual route. Great find considering how hard to spot this species these days. What made this snake unusual was the fact that it was one very angry snake as it reared up in a threaten pose.
I immediately dropped my backpack pulled out my camera and slapped on my flash all the time keeping one eye on the snake. The snake was still holding its pose and trying to scare me away. It's body was flattened out head raised like a Cobra with its red tail curled and raised.The reason for this snake obvious distress was an apparent attack on it earlier with a stick. The poor snake had a bruise on its body. A couple ahead of me must have brought their stick down on this beautiful snake.After realizing that I meant it no harm it calmed down enough for me to photograph it. I stayed with the snake till it disappeared into the undergrowth as I did not want another person to come along and kill it.


ShaoWei said...

GOSH..simply amazing.
nature at it's most brilliant and vibrant.small yet deadly.
hopefully people will be more understanding of these beautiful animals and know that we share this world with them and not do harm unto them cause they do mean us no harm.

tHE tiDE cHAsER said...

Oh gosh! You really got some very pretty shots here! Seems like u have a lot of luck with snakes. Next time please jio me along for your trips if they are on weekends. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Hope that the snake will survive on. :)

Megaan said...

simply amazing...

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