Saturday, October 03, 2009

At Last!!!

At last, spotted a Paradise Tree Snake that was close enough to photograph. This is a snake had been eluding me for sometime. Hence, this encounter was extremely rewarding.The Paradise Tree Snake is of the gliding snake species, more commonly referred to as flying snakes. This snake and its cousin the Twin-Barred Tree Snake are the only two gliders found in Singapore. Both only venomous to small animals they hunt within their habitat. So again admire them for their beauty and give them their space.
These snakes glide by propelling themselves up and away from trees, and flatten their bodies from head to vent when they are in the air. All the while making a continual serpentine motion of lateral undulation to glide. They glide to pursue their prey or evade predators that may be after them for a tasty meal.
Now that I have seen the two tree snakes, I hope one day to see them glide.


Shawn said...

Yep... At last... So finally your perseverance has paid off! I cans ee you got really close to this one. So where did you spot it?

Shirls said...

Thanks! It was a beauty.