Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Long-tailed Parakeets

Spotted these birds near the car park perched high up on a Ketapang Tree. Got out the tripod and set the heavy lens on the tripod to try and capture some good shots of the Long-tailed Parakeet.
The Long-tailed Parakeet is a parakeet endemic to the Andaman islands, Nicobar islands, Sumatra, Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia (including Singapore).These birds usually occur in groups of up to 20 birds. However, large gatherings of birds have been observed in favored feeding areas.
These are restless birds that are constantly on move. They climb quickly around in branches, moving quickly from tree to tree. Though they are usually well camouflaged in the green foliage, but their continuous screeching cannot be missed. They tend to feed soon after sunrise and resume foraging in the later afternoons.
In Singapore, they can be found in the Pierce/Mandia area and at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

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