Thursday, October 01, 2009

Migratory Season Has Started

The Japanese/Chinese Garden area have become a big draw to birders as migratory birds make their way down to our sunny shores to winter. Common Kingfishers, Tiger Shrikes, and Flycatchers have all been sighted. I too caught the birdie fever and headed down to the location to see if I can find these winter migrants.
Not that easy as the birds do not leave you an address but I had fun, and I did eventually find the bird that was on top of my list. I started off with the local residents like this rather shy bird hiding its face.The Pied Fantail, like all Fantails is an active bird that rarely stays still. I just happen to catch it doing a stretch. Then it was off again wagging its tail and hopping from branch to branch.As the morning warmed up, I walked to the water's edge in the hope of spotting the diminutive Common Kingfisher and to sit for a while. Fifteen minutes into my break I spotted some Pacific Swallows.Then out pops the ever majestic White-Bellied Sea Eagle that strongly glided above the water and then soared over the trees.Returned to rest under the tree but movement under the tree caught my eye. The Asian Paradise Flycatcher, the bird that I was looking for found me.


Shawn said...

Hey hope you continue visiting chinese/japanese gardens till november... I'm planning to go there every morning after exams... So if possible I'll try finding some birds with you!?

Shirls said...

Hi Shawn, I don't head there that often but you're welcome to join me if I head down there.