Saturday, October 24, 2009

Teochew Dinner

A friend and I decided to have dinner together. Our original plan was to head to Central for ramen. However, we had a change of plans, and we ended up at Sin Ming Road at Ah Orh Seafood.The two of us went overboard and ordered a fish head in claypot and the other dish was a simple sambal kang kong.The plate of fried kang kong is quite substantial and the claypot that arrived not long after was huge. However, I had in my mind a Cantonese claypot fish head, which I haven't had in a long while. We got a Teochew styled claypot fish head instead.
The claypot fish head was tasty but also very starchy as in the pot was lots of yam that have broken down into the soup. It was a treasure trove of things - yams, fish maws, shitake mushrooms, chunky pieces of fish meat and pieces of pork fat.
We still managed to finish the two dishes but had to go for a long walk after dinner to digest our hearty meal.

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