Wednesday, October 21, 2009

White Tigers@The Singapore Zoo

First time back at the zoo after finishing the Wildlife Reserves Singapore's docent training program. It was also my first duty at the Fragile Forest station. Drove there at 8.30 am so that I could spend some time observing the animals before setting up the station.
My plan was to head to the White Tiger enclosure and spend time with the tigers. The crowd was thin which was perfect as it enabled me to set-up the camera and watch the cats.
Omar, the male (foreground) was active and he was pacing around the enclosure. The two females, Winnie and Yippie were just happy to laze around on a hot and humid morning.
What was interesting to me were the potty habits of these tigers. One of the females climbed down to the edged of the ledge and positioned her bottom over the water. She proceeded to defecate into the water. Neat trick and like at the kelong the fish did their work of disposing of the bio-waste.Omar then climbed into the water. I thought he was taking a dip but he assumed the position and did his thing in the water. Hmmm.... two tigers with totally different habits. Wonder if they were potty trained or the tigers just developed these habits. Must ask the keepers.


Shawn said...

I beleiev you were looking into the eyes of the murderer tigers whoo killed a cleaner not long ago. However, I believe that the tigers are not to be blamed. Moreover it was the cleaner who purposely jumped into the enclosure, right?

PS. I told you about the Earless Agamid right? Visit my blog if you want to see the one that I recently spotted in Bukit Timah.

Shirls said...

Now you are wrong to call the tigers murderers. They are apex predators and are designed to take down prey quickly.

As you pointed out the cleaner jumped into the enclosure to commit suicide. He kenw what the tigers would do.