Monday, December 07, 2009

Flukes@Whaleway Station

My hurried lunch was at the Flukes café, which is situated at the old Railway Station or the Whaleway Station. This cafe had a fantastic beach front with of the sea, Kaikoura mountain ranges, and the rugged Kaikoura coastline.
I ordered fish & chips from the friendly staff and sat down to wait for my lunch.The plate looked great and I was looking forward to tucking in to my lunch. Two huge pieces of nicely beer battered fish fillets that were fresh and juicy. The chunky fries also hit the spot but there was just too much to finish. However, people around me don't seem to have problems with deep fried potatoes, they were downing huge plates of potato wedges. I would love to come back to the cafe and have a longer leisurely lunch if I ever head back.

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