Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Riot of Colors@Dunedin Botanic Garden

From Christchurch we drove to Dunedin and stayed only one night in this delightful city. I'd like to spend more time here. However, I did manage to squeeze in a couple of hours at Dunedin Botanic Garden after we got settled into the motel and before we left for our next destination. My whirl wind excursion into the park didn't see me go very far into the garden as I got royally distracted by POPPIES.I was initially surprised to see the plants in the garden and then I thought why not they have such beautiful blooms. Hence I went crazy with poppies and must have snapped hundreds of shots of these flowers from various angles, buds and pods.Including the busy bees that were within the poppy flowers. I just could not resist the brilliant colors.The next plant to catch my eye were the Irises as Vincent Van Gogh's Irises popped into my head.In Singapore, we don't get the change in seasons nor the riot of colors that each season brings. There were just so many types of different blooms. I simply got carried away by colors of summer. A small section of the garden was enough to keep me occupied for hours.

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