Sunday, December 06, 2009

A Perfect Day Trip to Kaikoura

Since I was the only person who wanted to go up to Kaikoura to go whale watching, I booked myself a tour package that gave me what I needed. I booked a Whale Watch Tour, which included a TranzCoastal Train ride back from Kaikoura to Christchurch.
Got picked up at my hotel at 8.30am by the coach and we headed out of Christchurch. The trip was comfortable and well paced. We stopped at Cheviot for a coffee break and we all just sat in the sun enjoying the breezy summer.
Our next stop was near Kaikoura when our driver stopped to show us the New Zealand Fur Seals that were sunning themselves on the boulders. Initially, I only saw the one seal that was pointed out to the group. Suddenly seals started popping out everywhere when your eyes get used to the landscape. Wow!The group then headed into Whale Watch's office to get processed and a safety per-brief before we are transported to our catamaran, the Tohora to go whale watching.After the trip, we grabbed lunch and then it was off the Kaikoura Winery for some wine tasting.Then I was transferred back to Whale Watch to catch the TranzCoastal train back to Christchurch.The train has an open view carriage from which you can take photos if you are fast enough.At Christchurch, I was met by the coach driver at the train station and transported to my hotel. Overall, it was a fantastic trip all round hassel free and very well executed. I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in taking in the sights.

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