Saturday, December 05, 2009

Where Can We Get Lunch At 3 pm?

Getting out of the airport and sorting out car rental too much longer than if I were travelling solo. The family had three super large suitcases while I travelled with a small cabin bag. Oh yes, I remember those faded memories of family vacations with everything and the kitchen thrown into the bags.
We were all hungry and tired. All I wanted to do was find food. I ended up randomly picking Fox & Ferret from the dining guide book, and hoped that they would still serve food at this hour.
Located beside Westfield Mall in the heart of Riccarton, the Fox & Ferret is a modern gastro pub.The kid and I were easy to settle but the aunt and uncle were a little more difficult due to dietary and the in ability to adapt to the Western style meals.
We ended up with an Asian soup for the uncle, French toast for the aunt, hot dogs for the kid and a steak on a hot stone grill for me.My steak hit the spot. However, the hot dogs weren't to the kid's liking. It was made of lamb meat and heavily spiced. He polished off the fries which made him very happy. The French Toast was also a hit with the kid who has a sweet tooth.

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