Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Visitor With Aplomb

Word spread quickly that a juvenile Malayan Night Heron had taken up residence in a garden here. The bird had a certain self-assurance about its personal safety and would parade up and down the poorly lit undergrowth area looking for its favorite food - fat juicy earthworms - that it then wiggled down its throat. It was amazing to see how efficient it was a spotting the worms that we didn't see in their burrows and pulling them out. The last time I checked, it was still in the location quietly pulling out worms and feasting on them.We were all entertained by the fancy neck boogie, which was really fun to watch. What endeared the bird to me was the way it just ignored all the photographers who were using flash right in its face.As I photographed the bird without using a flash and with slow shutter speed. I was able to let the bird decide what it will or will not give me. My favorite shot of the bird was this in my face stare. I am a believer that we should respect the animal, and not abuse the privilege that it has given us by allowing us to approach it.

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