Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chachoengsao - Sothorn Vararam Vorraviharn Temple

My guide and I were met by the driver who drove from Hua Lumpong Railway station to Chachoengsao.
Chachoengsao or"Pad Riew", is located East of Bangkok. Chacherngsao is a Cambodian word, which means the town of deep river while the Thai phrase "Pad Riew" refers to the snake-headed fish found in the Bang Pakong River that were so big that they needed to be cut into eight pieces before the fish could be hung up to dry.
One of the town's most famous attraction is the Buddha image called "Luang Phor Phutthasothorn" which is kept in the town's main temple Sothorn Vararam Vorraviharn Temple.Legend has it that the image of Buddha floated upstream on the Bang Pakong River to the town. The revered Buddha image attracts thousands to the temple every year seeking blessings. It was quite an interesting scene to watch. Many came with baskets of eggs that are offered to the temple.

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