Sunday, January 24, 2010

Continued Photo Documentation Of The Kings - 23/24 Jan

The pair are still around and the female is staying close to the nesting site. It seems that this pair have divided up their duties of parenting. The female stands guard over the nest and is responsible for feeding the chicks. While the male is responsible for bringing home food. Thus far he has been a very efficient hunter and has been providing the female with a steady supply of skinks. Just yesterday alone he caught six skinks, which he willingly gave to the female. It could be that the skinks came out to sun themselves after Friday's downpour. Hence, making them easier to catch. Today, he's only managed to catch two this morning.In addition to skinks, yesterday the pair were also swooping down to grab insects while they both stayed at the nest site to supplement their diet of lizards.The male also gave what he caught to the female.

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