Friday, January 22, 2010

Bangkok 13 - 17 Jan 2010

Couldn't resist trying to get my hands on 1 cent tickets to Bangkok. That was how I ended up in Bangkok so early in the year. This time around I decided to mix up my trip itinerary and head out of Bangkok. I ended up only spending a day in the capital. My hotel was in a good location and moving around was easy. Step out of the hotel, up a flight of steps and straight to the BTS station of Sala Daeng. I headed down to Sukhumvit and found myself in a familiar part of town. The place still looks the same and I spent some time photographing life at street level outside Emporium.Next, I mossied along to Soi 24 in search of a spa a friend recommended me. 3 hours of pampering at less than S$100. Made my 6 pm appointment and then I hopped on the BTS again to head to Siam Paragon. Siam Ocean World, the gourmet market and the every colorful dining area beckoned.
Siam Ocean World is located under Siam Paragon and it was ingeniously designed and built. I must say that I was impressed with the collection of aquatic life. May be I chose the wrong time to visit as the place was filled with hordes of excited and boisterous pre-schoolers. I did eventually find a quiet place within the jelly exhibit and the Moon Jellies were so calming that there was a man snoring on the couch behind me. As for me, I spent quite a bit of time trying to capture these jellyfish with my camera.
For tired feet, Ocean World offers Happy Feet (foot spa). After Ocean World, the Gourmet Foodhall was next to pick-up gifts, then off to Platunam for clothes for the kids before my 3 hour pampering session. After which, it was back to the hotel to dump my purchases and head out to Patpong night market to take in some sights.


Wildlife's Diary said...

Hi,Three with the temple photograph is not in Thailand,There is in Siem Reap of TAPHROM Temple.

Shirls said...

Hi, the collage wasn't mine but of a vendor at Patpong. Yes, I am aware that the photos that were on sale were taken in Siem Reap. :)