Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Cruelty of Man

I finally started to resume some of my routines and this morning managed to squeeze in a walk before work. What made me really mad was the sight of mangled Reticulated Python that was brutally beaten to death and then tossed up on some branches so that no one would see the vile deed. However, a pair of keen eyes spotted the poor dying creature and brought it down to show you what was done to this snake. As I was without my usual camera, I shot these with my iPhone and the photos can't show the damage to the snake in detail.The beating was so severe that the snake's skin was broken in several areas exposing muscle, bone, and intestine. Its backbone was also broken and spinal cord exposed.It's head was also bashed in and jaw broken.This is the usual sad result of when a snake encounters man. It just shows that many do not respect the right of god's creatures to live within the ecosystem. Don't they know that snakes like the Reticulated Python have a purpose within the environment too.

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