Monday, January 25, 2010

Khao Yai National Park

Bought a day excursion to Khao Yai to check out Thailand's first national park. I was hoping to see wildlife and I did. I saw shrikes, bee eaters, herons and many other birds that I've not seen before. As I was with a group of tourist and on had a trip itinerary it was impossible to sit and wait for the birds to settle down for a photo shoot.
The group was shuttled around in a van to experience various activities that ranged from an ox cart ride to a walk to Haeo Suwat waterfall.
To get to the waterfall we had to walk some distance and down 170 steep steps. Going down was fine but the return trip heading up 170 steps that were at a steep incline killed us all. By the time I got up the last flight of steps huffing and puffing away my legs were jelly. Sigh... the long break from walking had taken its toll. Thanks goodness we were packed into the air conditioned van again to recuperate in comfort.
While heading to our next destination we passed a troupe of Northern Pig-tailed Macaques waiting on the side of the road. These macaques like the Long-tailed Macaques n Singapore have been conditioned to wait for food by the road. For us, we were just thrilled to see wildlife up close. Besides, having shorter tails, they have interesting facial markings on their face. Making the females look like they are wearing wayang make-up. After the macaques, our guide spotted a couple of Barking Deers, which were scared away by a man chasing them. We eventually found one at a clearing by the road that went about grazing undisturbed.The last activity was an elephant ride after lunch. Much as I tried to get out of the elephant ride, the guide was very persuasive and gently nudged me onto my elephant. I don't mind the ride but I'd rather be on terra firma to take pictures did not cut it. The elephant that I rode was an 18-year-old behemoth but she had a real gentle soul.After the ride we each bought our elephants bananas treats and patted them. Then we were all bundled back into the van for our return trip to Bangkok. I would like to say I saw more but we snoozed all the way back. This trip wasn't what I wanted and I hope the next trip I booked to Chacheongsao wouldn't be as bad as this.


Shawn said...

Great Shots.... You're lucky to spot and shoot some fo those deers. All the deers I encountered run off before I get a good look at them.

Shirls said...

Thanks Shawn. I shot the deer from a van.