Monday, March 29, 2010

Afternoon Showers Bring Out the Reptiles

The recent afternoon showers caught me left footed as I have been without my camera for the past several mornings during my morning walks. Friday morning's huffing and puffing came to a jolting halt when I spotted what looked like a foot-long wire with a red line down the middle. Upon closer inspection the wire turned out to be a snake that was trying to warm up on the grass verge. Initial thoughts were a Striped Kukri, however, this snake didn't change color like the Striped Kukri I encountered previously. That only means that the snake before me was the Malayan Banded Coral Snake. Upon realizing that it had been spotted the snake turned slowly and moved back into the undergrowth. Since it was in an area where many people pass every morning, made sure that it was completely out of sight before leaving the area. It was probably hunting for the tiny Brahminy Blind Snake as it feed primarily on other snakes similar to King Cobras that prey on Rat Snakes.
Went to the same location the next day, in the hopes of spotting the Malayan Banded Coral Snake again but it was not to be. At the end, the walk yielded two relatively large Clouded Monitor Lizards sunning themselves.
This is good as it means that the population of Clouded Monitors are pretty healty in the area.

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