Saturday, March 27, 2010

Respect Earth Not For Just An Hour

Today, many around the world are observing Earth Hour and so am I. I took two walks today into the reserve near home and am reminded why I stay away during the weekends.
Morning walk, crowded with people that's fine but can people who use the reserves not leave their  trash all over the trails.
The evening walk showed the ugly side of a family and their utter disrespect they have of our nature reserve. This family of six including domestic helper were in the reserve at the small concrete bridge on Venus Link catching fish in the stream. The three boys were wading in the stream wearing booties with nets mucking up the water as they chased half beaks and tiger bards under the bridge while the domestic was on the bridge holding the pail for the fish. When told that what they are doing is poaching, the mother responded that they catch the fish but they will release them later. From what the boys were saying they've done this before. To make matters worse the youngest boy asked their mother if she brought a loaf of bread so that tthey could feed the monkeys later. Tsk! Tsk! What are these parents teaching their kids?
My recent trip to Kerala, India also opened my eyes to the problems that plastic bottles can be.
I don't buy bottled water here but seeing the discarded plastic bottles everywhere brought home the message loud and clear.I felt really bad that I contributed to the problem while I was in India as I drank bottled water to avoid getting sick. I brought home my last plastic bottle as a reminder and it was turned into a dumb bell.
In my humble opinion we should each do our part by pledging our support for the planet not just for an hour but for a lifetime.


kjj said...

clearly, it's not a matter of disposal only. it's also a matter of consumption. i shall remember to add my flask/tumbler of water into my "gold bar" bag.

Shirls said...