Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Kings Have Successfully Brought Up Two Chicks

Thought I had missed the momentous occasion but the Kings were still hard at work feeding their chicks when I got back on March 2. Both parents were actively hunting and bringing their tasty morsels to their babies. On the afternoon of March 6, I came home to loud calls of a kingfisher that sounded like it was in my bedroom. A quick and quiet check from outside my bedroom confirmed that there was indeed a fledgling sitting on the railing. Grabbed the camera and snuck into my room to document the occasion. WoW! the babies came straight out of the nest hole able to fly. My room is over 8 meters above the nest hole.
This little fella got his first photo taken by me.It then flew to the wires that his parents used and sat there calling for them for over two hours.One of them eventually came to get it and they disappeared to the edged of the forest. I wondered if there were other chicks as I heard the calls of more than one chick coming from the nest hole. I got my answer on March 8 when I spotted two fledglings sitting together with the parents while on my morning walk.
Since the chicks fledged, the family have not returned to the nest hole and are living on the edge of the forest. After four months of having the Kings as neighbors I miss Mr King's 6 am wake up calls when he brings his first catch of the day to Mrs King.

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