Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What I Found in Munnar

Wondered why I agreed to the long drive to Munnar but it turned out to be an interesting trip with the toddy bar and my spotting birds right next to the hotel's restaurant. In the afternoon, I spotted this little fella, its last relative was seen wintering in Singapore.then it was a Pond Heron. While waiting for the Pond Herons to settle down, I spot a Little Grebe quietly swimming up stream. In the morning before I hopped into my car, I set up the camera on tripod while I had breakfast. Boy! was I glad I did so as I had the shot of my life (for now) a pair of Common Kingfishers.As I was heading back to my room I spot a pair of Long Tailed Shrikes. I ended up pushing back my departure just so that I could get shots of the shrikes.


Shawn said...

Congrats, your trip to Munnar at least got you to photograph some birds. I went there too with two of my relatives and their families (yes, small children and parents). This was disaster as halfway into the trip the adults were tired and the small kids started vomiting. The only nice part of the whole trip was when the my relatives of my age went for a walk around the guesthouse we stayed at. The trip would have been so much better without parents and small kids.

Shirls said...

Thanks. Hence, I very rarely travel with family once I got old enough to travel on my own.