Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nature Walk In Periyar Tiger Reserve

My personal guided trip that went to the dogs. Lesson learnt never be nice and agree to let other tag along when one had legitimately booked a personal trip. I caught a glimpse of the male Asian Paradise Flycatcher (white morph). All I can say is I now know why birders are so crazy about this bird, it was gorgeous. Before I could even raise my camera, someone within the group moved forward and scared the bird deeper into the forest. Argh!!!
I lowered my expectations and just took it as a walk within a wildlife reserve and seeing animals from a distance. We saw Nilgiri langurs, Malabar giant squirrels, Gaurs, Wild Boars and Elephants. Our guide said we were lucky as the group he took for the morning walk saw nothing. Was he trying to placate me?On our way back, he took us to the edge of the lake and showed us a carcase of a Sambar deer killed by Dholes. The dogs were around us as we could hear them barking around us but they aren't easy to see.

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