Monday, March 15, 2010

The Day I Sniped a Snipe

Flushed out a bird on the open grassland but it wasn't something that I had seen before. It's wing beats were strong and loud so I visually tracked the unknown bird to see where it would land. The first morning was just a wild goose chase as the bird bested me by its perfect camouflaged and flightiness. However, the brief glimpse of the bird before it disappeared into the background told me that it was a Snipe as it had a very long straight bill.
The next day, I went in search of the Snipe again as I had to get a photograph of this strange looking bird.It was also way off course as Snipes are shorebirds, and where I spotted it was in the center of Singapore.
The Snipe is well camouflaged bird. It is also very shy and conceals itself close to ground vegetation and flushes only when approached closely. I headed to the general location where I had seen it the day before and it took off in a flash. Like the day before I tracked it visually.
This time it landed in the open allowing me to grab a shot of it before it blended into the background.As I got close the bird raised its head to look around as the mynahs were harassing it.Then I got close enough to put the bird in my crosshairs to shoot it. If you wonder why I used "snipe", it is because of the difficulties involved in hunting snipes that gave rise to the word “sniper”.

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