Saturday, May 01, 2010

May Day Palm Tree Inspection

It’s been two weeks since I picked up the camera. It’s May Day and I was about to get lazy and laze around the house but kicked myself in the butt and drag my ass out the door. Before I went out walking, I pulled the camera out of the dry box must as well see what I can find.
The weekend crowd has descended on the reserve and people were everywhere. I decided to pick the area where few bother, which meant palm tree inspections.
The palm trees yielded a very young Clouded Monitor Lizard, and a Common Flying Lizard. Then a troupe of Long-tailed Macaques caught my attention. They were eating palm fruits and going about their everyday business.
As I watched the macaques scamper up one of the palm trees, I spotted a Colugo hiding under the palm fruit bunches. This Colugo was way off base and out in an open area. The monkeys didn’t seem to bother it and I left it alone after photographing it as it looked at me with its soulful eyes.

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