Monday, May 03, 2010

A Peek Into The Life Of A Colugo

Left the Colugo on the palm tree with the macaques to head towards mosquito alley to check the area for frogs. However, the favorite froggy haunts had no signs of amphibians just a whole lot of hungry mossies that drew blood wherever they could.
Hightailed it out of the area as fast I could and headed back to the palm tree to check on the Colugo to see what it was doing. Blame it on an insatiable curiosity to learn and gain insights.
Oh No!!! the Colugo has lost its head.
Not really, it had moved and was now hanging upside down. While I stood under the palm tree watching, the Colugo moved its head back into view and was grooming itself.
This behavior is new to me as most Colugos that I have observed usually cling on tree trunks and remain motionless sleeping.
During the grooming session, I ended up getting some of the best shots of the Colugo that I have been mentally willing any Colugo to strike the pose for me. The Colugo turned its head and looked striaght at me.
I finally got my shot with great eye contact. Before I frightened the little fella I moved away slowly giving it back its personal space. The little fella did not have any problems with having me observing it from a comfortable distance and I watched it go to sleep at around noon. It was an awesome experience.

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