Friday, May 07, 2010

My First Bowl of Sarawak Laksa

Would I be a Singaporean if I didn’t sample some of Kuching’s cuisine?
Besides, nature photography, the eight intrepid travelers occassionally aimed our cameras at some of our food. Often than not, we dove in and forgot about snapping a shot.
During one of our trips into Kuching, we stopped by Madam Tang’s for Sarawak Laksa and Kolo Mee.
Since most of us had never tried Sarawak Laksa, we were all excited to try the laksa. How different will this laksa be from the other two laksas (assam and curry)?
It’s not as tangy and does not have the fish bits and the prawn paste like the assam laksa. It isn’t coconut milk rich like the curry version. This laksa one sits between the assam and the curry laksa. It does not have the strong flavors or the richness of the coconut milk. There’s a main ingredient is lemongrass, which gave a very nice fragrance to the gravy and the rice noodles. It was very good and we cleaned up our bowls.
Does anyone where one can get authentic Sarawak Laksa in Singapore?

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